Why EVERY home needs Thrive Life Foods in 2018, she's moving mountains

20 Reasons Why EVERY Home Needs Thrive Life Food in 2018!

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Click here to see my full disclosure. 20 Reasons Why Every Home Needs Thrive Life Food in 2018  Long shelf life. Many Thrive options have a 25 year shelf life when unopened, and up to a year once they are opened! Convenience! We could all use a little more of this, right?  Groceries delivered to your door! Prepackaged meal options. Thrive Life has lots of options, like tasty prepackaged meals that you simply add … Read more

The World is Scary–Be More Prepared Starting This Week

The World is Scary–Be More Prepared Starting This Week There is a never-ending list of reasons why the world is scary these days.  There are so many things going on in the world!  There are so many bad guys in places of power right now.  There seems to be a rapid increase in crazy weather and 100 year storms, floods, and blizzards seem to happen every couple of years.  Anything could happen at any minute.  The question is:  Are you … Read more

2018 goals and resolutions, www.shesmovingmountains.com

My 2018 Goals and Resolutions

My 2018 Goals My new year’s resolutions are usually left by the wayside around mid-year (who am I kidding? LOL) early February.  Please tell me I’m not the only one?! So my first resolution really needs to be to keep my resolutions!  This year I’ve split my goals into three categories:  Health, Wealth, and Everything Else.  I use these three categories for lots of things, and to help me prioritize my time outside of family obligations (those are always #1 obviously).  So … Read more

One Week Until New Content

One Week Until New Content I’m so excited and happy to get things started up again.  I’ve been working hard on new content, though I’m not getting as much accomplished as I wish I could.  Alas, that’s always going to be a problem for me because I have big ideas and my body can’t keep up with my brain! 😉  However, I’m plugging away at it daily, I promise, and I think it’s going to be pretty fantastic! I haven’t … Read more

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a happy and healthy Christmas with their family.  Our family is smaller by a few this year, and while we are sad for their loss, we are celebrating their first Christmas in heaven too.  Hold your loved ones close, hug a little tighter, laugh lounder, enjoy them and smile more–our place on Earth is just temporary.  That’s thanks to our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Chris whose birth we celebrate today!  God bless you and … Read more