Business Card Holders,

Super Amazing Business Card Hanger!

Super Amazing Business Card Hanger?!  Say what? As I sat wondering how to get my business cards into the hands of more people, I wondered what had happened to the days of community bulletin boards.  They recently took down the one in our local grocery store, but lots of other stores still had them.  So why am I not utilizing this FREE source of advertisement?  I have no freaking idea! LOL Well, my next thought was that just pinning up … Read more

Contact Details, Making Mountains out of Mole Hills

She’s Making Mountains Out Of Mole Hills?

Mountains out of mole hills? Sometimes I do this.  Don’t we all, at some point, have a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills?  So let me share my mole hills with you. First, we got robbed.  Not an overly big deal, they only got into our storage shed.  They stole my coveted mini roto tiller.  *sad face*  I have very few “things”.  I am not a collector of things, or lover of things.  To me, things are mostly … Read more

10 Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues,

10 Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues

10 Ways To Avoid The Winter Blues Let me first start by saying that Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing.  If you think you’re experiencing depression and not just a case of the “winter blues” you should see your doctor because we’re not doctors here and nothing in this article is meant to be medical advice. I’ve really got to stress that point because, like really, I. AM. NOT. A. DOCTOR. So you interweb crazies that are looking for medical … Read more

Organize My Life Part Four Meal Prepping

Organize My Life, Part Four: Meal Prepping

Organize My Life, Part Four: Meal Prepping “Meal Prepping” can take on a variety of meanings depending on who you’re talking to, what they like to eat and what they consider a meal.  That may mean preparing things ahead so it’s easier to cook, that may mean cooking things ahead so having a healthy dinner at home is as fast as drive thru or anywhere in between!  So let’s just explore some of the meal prepping options and you can … Read more

Organize My Life, Part Three, Meal Planning, Facebook,

Organize My Life, Part Three: Meal Planning

Organize My Life, Part Three:  Meal Planning What’s so great about meal planning anyways?  Why should I even bother? Meal planning saves money! You heard that right, it will save you money very consistently, week after week.  Every week I take a look at my favorite stores sale fliers.  Since my biggest food expense (like most families) is meat, that’s where I start.  From the sale priced meats I plan approximately 4 out of 7 meals.  Then, I buy a … Read more