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February Seeds to Start Indoors

February- Seeds to Start Indoors I live in zone 5, so you’ll have to adjust the schedule accordingly.  It’s approximately 12 weeks before our “last frost date” which is mid-May for my area.  You can figure your last frost date by putting your zip code in here. February seeds to start 12 weeks before last frost date: celery celeriac onions parsley peas spinach leeks impatiens pansies butterfly weed (asclepias) delphinium dianthus (sweet william) digitalis (fox glove) eucalyptus verbena **This post … Read more

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Setting Realistic Financial Goals For 2018

Setting Realistic Financial Goals Each person and family (and business!) has a different financial situation.  I’ve certainly seen my share of financial ups and downs over the years.  Thankfully, we’re in a good spot financially, and headed towards an even better spot because of our meticulous planning.  However, last year was a bad year for us.  A really, really bad year.  We were so lucky to have savings to fall back on because without it we would have been in … Read more

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Resolutions Update- February

Resolutions Update- February Edition I’ve copied all of my resolutions from the new year and posted my updates in red.  I was kind of not looking forward to this post, but once I started to write the updates I realized that this isn’t meant to be perfect, and it’s not meant to all be accomplished in a month.  These are goals for a YEAR.  Just keep on working on them and yourself and you’re going to do great things! Health: … Read more

Make a Pandemic Preparedness Kit Today

Make a Pandemic Preparedness Kit Before It’s Too Late If you read my last post about being prepared for pandemics and outbreaks, then you know how important it is to have necessary items on hand to deal with an illness.  If we don’t prepare now then you could find empty shelves of needed medicine and medical supplies–which will further serve to spread the deadly contagion.  If you missed that post you can catch up here You Should Be Preparing For … Read more

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You Should Be Preparing For A Pandemic

*This post may contain affiliate links.  Click here to see my full affiliate disclosure. Preparing For A Pandemic This years flu strain has been particularly bad.  The flu vaccine was a complete flop so the numbers are higher than normal.  What’s concerning is the rate at which seemingly healthy young people are dying this year.  So it got me thinking about how I can prepare for such a situation.  People are always going to get sick, and the flu is … Read more