Great Tips! List of Things To Do When Your Handmade Business is Slow To Start.

When Your Handmade Business Is Slow To Start

When your handmade business is off to a slow start what is a person to do? Should you just give up before you risk too much? Do you continue on the same path? Giving up is not yet the best answer, but staying on the same path isn’t an option either. The answer is to keep building your small handmade business. Building doesn’t have to mean investing more money, because there are lots of free options to enhance your business … Read more

Happy Halloween!

We are readying our makeup and costumes so we can go trick or treating.  This is my favorite thing to do in the fall.  I look forward to it, even when it’s cold and rainy.  I used to dress up just to take the kids out, but as they’ve gotten older I’ve stopped.  I think a part of me misses it.  Maybe next year!  It would be fun, while Charlotte is still young enough to go out. I haven’t concerned … Read more

Thrive Life Food Banner Consultant Mindy Roberts

Hello, October, My Old Friend.

Hello, October. It’s nice to see you again old friend!  YAY for pumpkins and cool fall weather! However, BOO for having to clean everything up and pack it all away for winter.  Because anyone who knows me knows that I do not enjoy that part! As a matter of fact, things have been so busy and crazy around here since spring that my whole entire house needs a once over “winterization” aka cleaning, dusting, organizing….definitely boo to that! I’m busy … Read more

Recipe: Taco Soup – Meal In A Jar

**This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing products you help to support this blog and my family at NO COST TO YOU.  Thank you for your continuing support!!** Who doesn’t love a meal in a jar?!  They look so good on your pantry shelf, and they make great gifts!  What’s not to love?! I put things in the jar in this specific order because I use a food sealer on the jars and I don’t … Read more