My Mission

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My mission has, and always will be, to be a productive member of my family.   At some points in our lives that meant that I worked outside of the home.  At some points it meant that I was able to stay home with the children.  Now that my children are getting older and more independent, it means that I am able to pursue my passions and make a living running a creative small business from home, alongside of selling Thrive Life foods, and blogging in my spare time.  I am certainly a blessed woman.

My secondary mission is to set realistic goals and reach them–with my businesses, with my creative abilities, financially, and on a personal level.  Oftentimes I fail, sometimes I fail really fantastically too.  Sometimes I succeed and many times that success even surprises me!  Yet, I keep setting goals, or re-setting goals as it sometimes goes, because life is always about reaching the next milestone.

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