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AFFILIATE LINK DISCLOSURE:  This blog (and all of its’ posts and pages) may contain affiliate links.  This means that if you click on and purchase items or services that are linked to that I receive compensation at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you, my readers.  Many times, the items, companies and services that I link to provide a discount.  Affiliate links help to financially support this blog, keeping it free, and help support my family as well.  Thank you for your continued readership and support with my endeavors.

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SPONSORED POST DISCLOSURE:  Sponsored posts are those in which I have been hired or given free products in exchange for a post or review.  I will always disclose that they are sponsored at the top of the posting, but I will always give a 100% HONEST review that is completely my own.  Clicking on links or buying the products/services within a sponsored post may provide me with additional compensation at NO COST to you.

MY PROMISE TO MY READERS:  I promise to always do my best at posting affiliate links that are beneficial to the reader–providing savings or a product that I personally use and recommend.  I promise to always be honest in my sponsored posts.  Everything you read on my blog is absolutely 100 percent my own opinion, despite receiving compensation or free/discounted products.  I strive to provide affiliate links and sponsored postings that will give my readers a discount on products they use or want to try.  I often scour the internet for days looking for the best deals to showcase on my blog.  Many times I am just pointing you to the specific brand or item that I use in my home because I like it.  Sometimes I just showcase something because it’s cute, useful, or otherwise awesome.  Above all, I will always let you know at the top of the posts if they contain affiliate links or if they are sponsored so that you can make an informed decision before clicking any link within this blog.  Thank you for being here!

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