Family Turmoil

Family Turmoil While I was gone we had a fair amount of family turmoil going on.  I wrote a big long post, airing all of the dirty laundry.  Then, I deleted it. Why?  Because it’s over, and rehashing it doesn’t help anyone at this point.  Things have changed around here for sure.  My stepson graduated high school, went to live with his mom, and decided to get a job in a factory rather than go to college.  We’re disappointed in … Read more

Total Relaunch in 10, 9, 8

Total Relaunch! Did you miss me?  I sure missed you precocious people! There has been SO much going on in my life that I had to let this blog, Etsy, and even selling Thrive temporarily go by the wayside.  I have missed ya’ll so much and I am so excited to be back!  School started today and it was a welcome relief to get back to the things I love doing.  I haven’t blogged in months, the Etsy shop is … Read more

When You Get The Blogger Blues

The Blogger Blues aka Blogger Dissociative Disorder Yes, I made those up.  However, made up illness names do describe how I get with my blog. Last time I wrote I was in a heap of “Amazon shut off my associate account because of inactivity” and the result of that was that all my amazon links would generate zero income if someone did click on one of them.  So I was faced with the daunting task of going back through them … Read more

Business Card Holders,

Super Amazing Business Card Hanger!

Super Amazing Business Card Hanger?!  Say what? As I sat wondering how to get my business cards into the hands of more people, I wondered what had happened to the days of community bulletin boards.  They recently took down the one in our local grocery store, but lots of other stores still had them.  So why am I not utilizing this FREE source of advertisement?  I have no freaking idea! LOL Well, my next thought was that just pinning up … Read more