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I Hate Stupid Fish!

Stupid Fish

So my mother took the girls to the fair, at which time my youngest daughter won a goldfish by throwing a ping pong ball into a little fish bowl.  She named it PingPong.  LOL  She’s been SO proud of this fish, and she’s done such a good job of taking care of it.  She turns it’s tank light on everyday and feeds it without being told.

Well, I inadvertently nearly killed it when she brought it home.  I set up a tank and all was good.  Tested all the levels.  At some point the pH skyrocketed.  So when she got the fish home and put it in the tank it immediately started acting strangely and got a fungal infection of some sort.  I spent a small fortune on healing this $1 gold fish.  Like a sickening amount of money.  Stupid fish.

Well, today the water level was a little low so she turned on the light, fed the fish and dumped in some bottled water.  (As it turns out it was our tap water that was the pH culprit, it spikes after it has been aerated.) She put the lid back on and went to school.  So a little while ago I come to the computer to write a blog post and I was looking at the fish tank while my computer booted.  “Where is that fish?”  Well, I moved the plants, checked the filter intake.  No fish.  Looked around real good.  Still, no fish.  Moved the fish tank up a few inches and there lay PingPong, God rest her soul.  Somehow this fish managed to jump out a VERY small opening in the lid where the filter fits on the tank.

So let me tell you I nearly performed CPR on this thing.  Like do you know how much I spent healing your orange ass?  And you go and commit suicide.  Stupid fish.

stupid fish, she's moving mountains .com

I would replace it, but of course she chose the one very distinguishable goldfish, with a big flowy tail with a white stripe.  STUPID FISH!

So now, I’m going to have to break it to her easy.  With promises of more pets to fill her new tank.  It’s not going to go over well at all, but I’m hoping she’ll not be too heartbroken.

My hope is that she’ll choose better fish in the future.  Goldfish are so dirty.  Please leave your suggestions for new fishies for a 3 gallon tank in the comments!

Family Turmoil

Family Turmoil

While I was gone we had a fair amount of family turmoil going on.  I wrote a big long post, airing all of the dirty laundry.  Then, I deleted it.

Why?  Because it’s over, and rehashing it doesn’t help anyone at this point.  Things have changed around here for sure.  My stepson graduated high school, went to live with his mom, and decided to get a job in a factory rather than go to college.  We’re disappointed in his decisions, but he’s an adult and there isn’t much we can do about it.  We just have to accept that it’s a decision that he’s made for his life, and go on with our own lives.  We know he will regret it one day, but today is not that day.  I had said that once the kids graduate they may live at home for free while going to college.  If they’re not doing something to actively better their lives then they will have to pay rent.  His mom’s house doesn’t have pesky things like rules, expectations, or responsibilities. So that’s where he went.

At this point, he’s barely talking to us.  Though he will talk to me more than his dad, and I’m not quite sure why.  I’ve always been the one to dole out punishments.  I was certainly the one with expectation for the kids to go college.  I was always the “bad guy.” His dad didn’t do anything that should have ticked him off, and yet he avoids talking to him.  I don’t get it, and it certainly hurts Chris to not see or talk to him.

In any event, we’re adjusting to a new normal.  We’re trying to find the silver lining in his growing up and moving out.  We hope that someday he will decide to go to college and advance his life.  He’s a bright kid and he deserves more than a factory job.  I just hope he sees that before he’s strapped down by life: house, bills, wife, and kids.  Right now he feels rich at 18, he’s making $16 per hour.  At 25 years old that $16 won’t go as far, and won’t seem as appealing.

On the upside, I’ve got a new craft room!  If he decides to move back home, he’s going to have to sleep in my old craft room.  That’s fair, right?


Fact: I am not good at scheduling myself.

It’s like a madhouse around here.  One week into school and we never know who is coming or going or where anyone is at.  It’s making me crazy–like on the verge of schizo.


I really need to go buy a planner.  Write all my things down in it so I can just cross them off as I go.  A calendar so the kids can write all their crap down too.

I think it’s a cardinal sin to admit to being unorganized on the internet, and certainly so if you’re a blogger.  Give me your best organizational ideas!  PLEASE!