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February Seeds to Start Indoors

February- Seeds to Start Indoors I live in zone 5, so you’ll have to adjust the schedule accordingly.  It’s approximately 12 weeks before our “last frost date” which is mid-May for my area.  You can figure your last frost date by putting your zip code in here. February seeds to start 12 weeks before last frost date: celery celeriac onions parsley peas spinach leeks impatiens pansies butterfly weed (asclepias) delphinium dianthus (sweet william) digitalis (fox glove) eucalyptus verbena **This post …

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Recipe: Taco Soup – Meal In A Jar

**This post contains affiliate links.  By clicking on the links and purchasing products you help to support this blog and my family at NO COST TO YOU.  Thank you for your continuing support!!** Who doesn’t love a meal in a jar?!  They look so good on your pantry shelf, and they make great gifts!  What’s not to love?! I put things in the jar in this specific order because I use a food sealer on the jars and I don’t …

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