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Full Time Blogging is Serious Business

Full Time Blogging is Serious Business *This post contains affiliate links.  See my full affiliate disclosure here. In my push to make my blog one worthy of making a full time income I am learning SO much.  I can’t even believe how much there is to know just to run a seemingly simple home based blog & business.  I’ve spent the last 3-4 weeks doing immense amounts of reading and researching.  Too much reading and research I think.  I’m fairly … Read more

Total Relaunch in 10, 9, 8

Total Relaunch! Did you miss me?  I sure missed you precocious people! There has been SO much going on in my life that I had to let this blog, Etsy, and even selling Thrive temporarily go by the wayside.  I have missed ya’ll so much and I am so excited to be back!  School started today and it was a welcome relief to get back to the things I love doing.  I haven’t blogged in months, the Etsy shop is … Read more

Great Tips! List of Things To Do When Your Handmade Business is Slow To Start.

When Your Handmade Business Is Slow To Start

When your handmade business is off to a slow start what is a person to do? Should you just give up before you risk too much? Do you continue on the same path? Giving up is not yet the best answer, but staying on the same path isn’t an option either. The answer is to keep building your small handmade business. Building doesn’t have to mean investing more money, because there are lots of free options to enhance your business … Read more