About Me

My name is Mindy.  I am the owner of Moving Mountains Handmade, and the head blogger around here.  Technically, I am the only blogger around here. I am a 20 year old supermodel 30-something mom of 3.  I have a step-son and two daughters.  My better half is an engineer who is ridiculously smart and talented and very overworked.  I am the quintessential homemaker–I make dinner every day and we eat at our dining room table every night, I mostly manage all things kids, home, and pet related.  I mostly run all the errands and do all the shopping.  I definitely do all of the gardening and prepping.  Some people would ask “why?” and the simple answer is that he is the one that works and brings home the majority of the income for our family so it’s my JOB to take care of the things at home.  He works long hours, so I work long hours too.  It’s what we do and it works for us.  Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely NO supermom.  If I ever even infer that I am, you have my permission to just smack me because it would be a big. fat. lie.  I fail horribly at things every single day, and that’s no joke.

I have been praised for my creative abilities for most of my life.  When I was very young, I was praised for my writing and poetry.  As a teen, it was art in all forms. (Except music, I am incredibly inept when it comes to anything musical!)  As an adult, it has been my landscaping and gardening.  And also what I will call “foodscaping” as I like to grow food stuffs in place of decorative plants as often as possible.  After my teenage years I pretty much let art go by the wayside since I didn’t feel that it would ever be something that I could do professionally.  So I got a little rusty in some (most) areas, and there are still areas where I need to polish up my skills.  I love to create, to paint, to draw, and design.  I sometimes get so caught up and lost in my work that I forget to eat and don’t even realize when dinnertime creeps up and then I’m trying to order pizza at the last minute!

I sometimes undertake home improvement projects–which gets the mister all riled up.  He hates when I work on stuff without him being here to supervise!  LOL  I do it anyway.  He also doesn’t like for me to mess with power tools, but I think that’s just because he doesn’t want to cook dinner!  *wink wink*   I notoriously undertake projects or try to build things that I have no business doing, but I like to TRY it.  Sometimes it turns out, and sometimes it’s an epic failure.  I’ll share either way because I don’t mind showing how I fill up my life, even the not-so-pretty parts of it.

I call myself a prepper and that’s mostly true.  I don’t think there is a meteor coming to wipe out civilization or anything like that, but I think it’s always good to be prepared for calamity–whether that’s major illness, loss of a job, or a national disaster.  It’s what our grandparents and great grandparents did, I’m just carrying on their values for putting things away for a rainy day, and using what is available to make sure your home and family is well taken care of.  It’s a lesson for the ages and you’ll read a lot about it because I’m very passionate about it.

I am Mindy.  Jack of all trades.  Master of none.  Screwing up most of them horribly (and hilariously).

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