2021 So Far

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Well, I got a little under the weather for a few days. Some sort of intestinal bug, but I seem to be past it now. Thank goodness!! The abdominal pain was horrendous! I mostly slept for an entire day and night, second day felt slightly better, third day it was lingering cramps. My energy level is back at full speed now, and I’m ready to rock this year.

In the midst of that, I did apply for my business license. I should hear back about that today. It all had to be done via mail because the county offices are closed to in-person visits still because of Covid.

The country is going to hell in a handbasket so far this year too. Wow. I won’t comment on it much because I am steadfast in keeping this all a politics-free zone. It’s important that we still have those SOMEWHERE these days, and this needs to be a place for that. To save my sanity, I deleted all news apps from my phone, still haven’t been back on Facebook, and generally I have just avoided it altogether. Much, much better for my mental health! After all, I have art and a new business to focus on! Though it’s a bit of a leap to open a new business amidst chaos and so many unknowns. I’m just trusting the universe on this one. I can’t let fear hold me back or stall my momentum.

So once I get my letter in the mail today, I’ll purchase my website hosting and get to work. It *may* mean that this domain will get moved over to that hosting account. I might lose all of this and have to start over. I really don’t know, and I’m no internet genius, so I’m just going to go with the flow and not cuss too much until it happens. Ha! A little cussing because I do not find this part fun, but I’ll get through it. Once it’s done, then it’s just maintenance and updates after that.

I have literally scoured the internet for my best hosting and ecommerce solutions. At the end of all that, I’m still guessing and hoping and praying I’m making the right choice.

What more can we do, but leap into the darkness and hope we find a soft landing place. Right? I’m excited. Let’s keep it going!

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