2021 Resolutions: Bold, Adventurous, Fun

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As we walk boldly into a new year that holds so much promise of returning to normal following a worldwide pandemic, it’s time for bold resolutions. Why? Because 2020 sucked, of course, but also because 2020 taught us to not take things for granted–not even the mundane things. It gave me plenty of time to think about the things I want to accomplish in the coming year or make up for since there was no way to do it last year.

I spent much of 2020 learning, reading, and perfecting my verre eglomise and reverse glass painting. It was a full year in many ways. It forced us to slow down and find joy in the slow, meandering days stuck at home. It forced us to pick up old hobbies or learn new ones. It also forced us to give up contact with other humans, travel, and smiling.

So, this year I have a comprehensive list of things to do, accomplish, achieve.

  1. Officially start my business. I haven’t settled on a name yet though. If you have some ideas, please feel free to throw them in the comments because I could use some help! The second step of this goal is to run it like a boss. Learn how to be a good, efficient business owner. Not trying to do everything myself. Hiring people to help–like an accountant!
  2. Travel. I want to travel as much as possible, as soon as possible. I miss traveling more than I thought that I would. We had several trips planned for 2020 that didn’t get to happen. We had planned to spend roughly 6 weeks in Poland, and at least a week in California last year and those trips had to be cancelled. I was heartbroken. I hope we can get some time in Poland, California, and with any luck, a Florida trip too. (I have a Disney/Universal Studios infatuation LOL)
  3. Write a novel. I know this seems lofty, but that’s okay. This is a goal I set for myself. It is something I have wanted to do my entire life and 2021 is the year it is going to happen. Can I do it well? Who knows! The point is in the doing and completing. I want to be able to call myself a novelist in 2022, and add that to my resume.
  4. Make art. Make SO MUCH art! I have so much art I want to make–some may break boundaries, some may invoke the past, some may be amazing, some may be absolutely horrible, some may not work out how I see them in my mind’s eye. Experiment more, try new and different techniques, try things just to see if they might work. I hope I make bad art, too. You can’t make amazing art without making bad art along the way. Again, the point is in the doing and completing and enjoyment along the way, and in perfecting an artform I love and adore so deeply I can’t explain it with mere words. Verre eglomise is in my bones, so deep in my soul that it’s like it has lived there all along and it took me decades to find it.
  5. Live more simply and more organized. Over the past several years, I have made it a point to get more organized and get rid of the things that we don’t need. I will admit, it is the slowest process ever. It can get expensive at times too–why do organization items for your home cost so dang much?! I just keep plugging away at it, year after year, and it is making a difference. It makes life easier, and leaves more time for the people and things that I love. Part of this is sometimes to replace an item I don’t like with one that I do that serves the same function. I love my home much more when it is “put together” instead of cluttered (and I am The Clutter Queen, y’all, it’s a bad habit I really struggle with). Baby steps towards this, but we have faced some magnificent hurdles along the way–like inheriting my mother-in-law’s 24 large totes of Christmas decorations! Because I had been getting rid of old stuff and organizing what we kept, I was able to make room for that stuff–it was awesome, but it really filled up my basement!
  6. Use my planner more. My life gets much more simplified when I use my planner, along with planning meals. It saves me so much time and gives me good direction for the day. It keeps me, and my ADHD on task. I easily get twice as much done in a day when I have a plan–even for household chores, dinners, and creative time scheduled out loosely. Not to mention, it’s harder for me to put things off until another day when it’s easier to just do it and cross it off rather than moving it to the next day. It’s a mind game, but it works for me. I may even try out some digital planners and see how those work, but I’ll be honest, I love paper planners and I can’t imagine the same level of satisfaction from a digital planner.
  7. Take my vitamins and get my protein. I’m so terrible at being sure to take my vitamins every day. I feel better when I am vigilant about it, and yet, I still rebel. I have no explanation for my behavior. I put off getting my protein in everyday too. Who wants to eat protein when chips taste better?! Alas, I’m getting older and I’ve put on a few pounds with covid that I really need to take off–so as part of this, I need to lose 10 pounds. Thankfully, my pants still fit, but they are getting more snug with each pound. Eek! Better get that shit under control!
  8. Keep Blogging. Keep doing it, just because it’s fun. Without putting any pressure on myself about quality of content or photos specially taken for each post. Nope. Just keep my “diary” of my life, in my own way, without worry. I enjoy it, and I want to make sure I keep doing it and don’t put it off because other things take priority. Perhaps high-quality content will make it’s way to these pages, maybe it will always just be my place to write without any worry or pressure. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the start of the memoirs I will write one day when I’m rich, famous and old?! LOL Either way, I’m keeping it fun, keeping it loose, and keeping it ZERO pressure.

I’m positive that I’m missing some of the things that I’ve been wanting to add to this list. I feel like, in my head, there was a list of at least 20 goals. Maybe some are like sub-goals to those above? I don’t know… I’ll be back to update this post when I think of them, if I think of them.

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