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So many times over the last few years I found myself writing articles on this blog, not for myself, but for some number of readers who would inevitably click on my blog after a quick google search. They would rarely comment or give any input. They were just a numbered click on my back end, just a little number showing that they were here, that’s it. The problem is, I hated writing that shit, and then for nobody to give a damn was sucking the life out of me. It was completely demoralizing.

Sometimes, blogging is hard. You want to give your readers information that they want to read and share with others, but there has to be a balance. For me, the balance was out of whack. Now, it’s going to swing in the other direction and I’ll write exclusively what I want to write. If nobody reads it, that’s fine with me. If they DO read it, that’s awesome. No pressure for me either way! Already, this brings me back to the days of my old blogs, where I wrote purely out of the love of putting my feelings down somewhere. I wrote mostly anonymously, rarely attaching my name or face to anything. It was pure freedom. I loved it! I’m a little less worried about who will find my information online these days so I don’t mind my name and face being attached to it.

Back to the whole point of this post before I get too far out in left field with my wandering mind….

Write what makes you happy because that’s what will KEEP you writing. If you hate it, then why even open the laptop? There’s no motivation to brainstorm ideas, research or sit writing and editing a post if you can’t stand a single second of it. If you are passionate and love what you write about you will always be eager to write, share, research, sit with your notebook for hours on end brainstorming, etc. Plus, even if nobody reads it, even if nobody clicks it, even if you’re on page 5 of google results (as I currently am), it does NOT matter. It doesn’t matter because you’re doing it for yourself, and only your own satisfaction in the final product matters.

To know that I’m doing this for me, brings me joy and happiness. It gives me freedom to sit here and write to you a rambling and terribly written blog post without worrying which internet bully will find it and tear it apart. Haha! I honestly couldn’t give a shit to be bothered by that, even if it did happen right now. THAT makes me smile. It’s as if I’ve freed myself from the self-inflicted bondage of caring what random internet roaming people think of me….because that is exactly what I have done. It’s perfection, a simple perfection, but perfect nonetheless!

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