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Happy new year my friends! Welcome to 2020!

I’m so excited to be back, and be back to blogging on my own terms. That alone is enough to make me celebrate!

2019 was full of goodness, but also tough times that put a LOT clarity on what I want in the years to come. A major health scare had me debating what I wanted to accomplish before I died. It really put a sharp point on how I need to stop procrastinating on my dreams, or putting them off for a variety of reasons. It still brings me to tears, but it also motivates me.

I sat here on my couch and told my husband that I still had life to live, and things I still needed to accomplish. I told him that I was going to be a verre eglomise artist, a novelist, and we were going to travel to so many more places.

I intend to make all of those things a reality. Or die trying. And I don’t intend to die, so the only option left is success. The only failure in ANY of these goals is to give up. An artist is an artist regardless of whether they sell a single piece, right? A novelist is a novelist as long as they’ve written or are writing a novel. A traveler is a traveler, no matter how far you go, as long as you’re seeing and experiencing new things.

My BIG goal for this year: Don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself, your dreams, your ideas, your goals. You cannot fail, success is the only outcome.

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