Strange or Cool? You Decide.

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Strange or Cool? You Decide.

I feel like this story is a bit of both, but I’ll let you decide.

Yesterday I finished up my online gilding class. I was just having a low energy day so I snuggled in on the couch to read a book before dinner. As I’m reading, right in the middle of the chapter, right in the middle of a paragraph…..BOOM. I suddenly have two words in my head. It wasn’t a voice that spoke them or anything, they were just there. Strange, right? I knew exactly how to spell them, despite the fact that they seemed like a foreign language.

Semna sempurus.

These words did not feel familiar. I didn’t feel like I had ever seen or read them before. My book was in English, so they didn’t come from that either. I was stumped at where they came from. They looked like Latin to me, and given that many mottos in the US are in Latin, I thought perhaps I had read them somewhere and didn’t realize it.

Off we go to Google Translate because at this point I feel compelled that I NEED to know what they mean (or if I’m losing my mind).

Semna sempurus.

Google translate identifies the language as Indonesian. Whaaaaaat? I don’t think I’ve ever even heard Indonesian. I’m fairly certain I don’t even know anyone who speaks Indonesian. I certainly don’t know anyone who speaks it as their first/native language. At this point I’m still unsure if it’s strange or cool.

As a matter of fact, these words mean nothing in any other language. (Semna on it’s own in Romanian translates to “sign” but the words together have no translation in Romanian)

So what is the Indonesian translation, you ask?

Semna sempurus: All perfect

Another translation website says it means “everything is perfect”

I sit here, literally floored by that. How in the world did these two words pop into my head, that together mean something so…..poetic? I mean these two random words from a language I’m not familiar with could have meant anything….they could have been two totally unrelated words that made no sense when translated. How was it not complete gibberish?

Then, I get a little weirded out by it. LOL

I honestly told my daughter that I felt like an angel whispered it into my ear or something because there is no possible way that just came to me. No possible way.

I don’t even speak a foreign language.

I googled it to see if it’s a motto or saying. Maybe a tagline? Nothing. Google comes up with ZERO results. It’s the most bizarre thing.

Semna sempurus. I think I’m going to make a sign with the words on it to hang on our wall. It seems like it’s meant to be. I’ll be sure to post it when I do!

I emailed my husband about it and the email I get back said simply “Witch!!!!!!!” and he bolded it and put it in an extra large font. LOL Everyone in my house is convinced I’m a witch. Even my kids call weird things my “witchy powers” haha!

My husband gets muscle cramps occasionally, but because of a poorly timed joke where I told him I’d twist him up if he kept making me mad (and I crossed my fingers to make my point), he got a cramp in his foot minutes later. Ever since that day he tells the kids to not make me mad or I’ll give them cramps that make their toes go in weird directions. I can’t win with this family of mine. LOL They will still be making jokes about it 30 years from now. Guaranteed.

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Totally off topic, but I’m now adding a category for my blog posts called “Magic and Mayhem” LMAO! Let’s not allow a good crisis to go to waste around here. I’m sure I will fill it with much more mayhem then actual magic (or other strangeness, like this post)!

Seriously though, give me your thoughts on this. Strange or cool, or somewhere in between? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Tell me your strange or cool stories. I need to hear them even if they are totally different from mine!

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