Social Media TRAP

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Social Media Trap – Saying goodbye to Zuck and saying “Hello” to the life I forgot I had before Facebook.

I gave up Facebook a few weeks ago. I am still tempted to open it every time I’m bored. It’s a good way to kill time and feel connected in a disconnected world. Or so it seems. Remember back in the day when everyone said “TV will rot your brain” and they were so wrong….it’s not TV, it’s social media that will rot your brain!

I have gotten SO much done. I have SO much time now. My mind is so much more focused.

Can I stay away from social media forever? No. I will need it to grow my business. Do I need Facebook? No, absolutely not. I prefer Instagram anyway. So I may just try to keep my distance from Facebook since I seem to get sucked into everyone’s lives–which can be good, but it can also be very, very bad. Such a high degree of drama that it’s easy to get sucked into it all and scroll for hours and hours. Ugh. I don’t think I have the willpower to get on, post business stuff, then turn it off. Probably better to just go cold turkey.

I think I need to make that a 2021 resolution to continue to avoid Facebook. Staying away has been so good for my mental and emotional well-being…I’d like for that to continue. It’s such a bad habit for me, probably from being at home for so long and not having a boss to answer to. It’s a damn free-for-all around this place when I’m the only one in charge of me. Ha! I hate having to be responsible for my own actions. LOL

There are so many things that I have been doing and have planned to do. Avoiding social media is really opening up a much larger amount of time than I want to admit. When I was waiting on my breast tumor results after surgery last year, I knew that that there were things I wanted to do with my life. First, to be an artist. Second, to really embrace being that artist and GO FOR IT, put myself out there, and take a risk. Third, I knew I wanted to write a novel, even if it was bad, even if I was the only one who ever read it. So, that’s exactly what I am going to do. I am going to take the time I’ve opened up in my schedule and use it to work towards my goals.

Yes, it’s going to take a long time to write a whole novel in the 15-30 minute intervals through the day that I was typically spending on social media, but my friends, I am 100% convinced that it absolutely CAN be done like that. And of course, I always had the random day that I didn’t feel like doing anything and I would spend ALLLLLLL day scrolling the various social media outlets. I am so ashamed that is what I filled my time with….how embarrassing, but it is the honest truth. The social media trap is of epic proportions and I believe there are many people just like me out there who have fallen prey.

I will, of course, keep you updated on it all. So far, my plan is to work on my book, this blog, and designs/drawings on Monday, Thursday, and Friday. On Tuesday, Wednesday and the weekends I will work on my art exclusively. That gives me a pretty good split of my time, and gives me quiet chunks of time to devote to everything individually. Once the designs are done, the art itself flows…it’s the design part that I seem to procrastinate on! Ha! That bad habit is getting kicked to the curb!

So, now I just need to brainstorm some book ideas. It seems a little overwhelming to think about writing a book, right? I need to remember I’m doing this for me, not for anyone else. I just want to be able to say that I did it. I set that goal and I fucking crushed it.

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