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Quarantine. How YOU doin’?

Me? I’m doing okay-ish. It’s not that I really do a whole lot outside of the house normally, but I hate that I can’t now. I may have a problem with authority. Ha! On any normal day I dread the running I have to do, which admittedly, isn’t even that much in comparison to other moms and wives. I hate running the kid to her Jujitsu and grocery shopping and the post office. Like all I really want to do is what I want to do and when I want to do it. LOL

My husband has been working from home for the last two weeks. He hates it. So much! He likes structure, and part of that structure is his routine. Another part is his drive to and from work–that drive is where he separates his work and home life. So, he’s struggling in that department a whole lot. I’m struggling too. I love and hate him being here. I love that he’s here, but I hate that he’s working here. I have to be quiet. I have to keep the dogs quiet. It’s difficult. And we go back to how I like to do things on my own schedule, and I can’t because I have to do stuff around his schedule of conference calls and zoom meetings.

Other than that, we’re good. I’m a soft-core prepper so we had food, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper. I didn’t have to fight the hordes or anything. Our freezers are still full even. We’re trying to support local restaurants as much as possible too, but I can only eat so much takeout before I have to have something homemade.

We’re not bored. I know that’s everyone else’s big complaint. We ARE stir crazy and after a long winter we have cabin fever. Luckily, we hope to have some nice weather coming–and warmer temperatures too. I’d really like to get outside and clean out my flower beds, do a little yard work and clean up too. City yards get disgusting. If you’ve ever lived in a city you know what I mean. You get to pick up all kinds of weird trash. Yuck. And this year I’ll have to wear gloves because who knows where the hell it came from.

How are you keeping busy? Any good tips for the rest of us?

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