Onward Ho!

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Onward Ho! Towards my fresh start with this site.

Today I took another big, scary step. I deleted almost all of the old Facebook content. Cringe. Remember, I deleted all the posts that existed here too?


I was scrolling and deleting for hours and the whole time I’m thinking to myself about how much of my life, in hours, this represented. And I was just going to delete it like it never happened? Like I didn’t put in all that work? Holy shit. I must be crazy. I wanted to cry a couple times. LOL I’m over it now and feel much better that our Facebook has a fresh new face too! I’m happy for my commitment to moving forward instead of staying stagnant and stuck!

I had to remind myself probably 200 times that a fresh start, means a truly fresh start. I did leave a few things that were cute and left the posts and pics of my painted signs. Everything else went *poof* into the great blue yonder. Bye, Felicia.

So, join me on the She’s Moving Mountains Facebook Page. Hopefully soon you’ll get some exclusive content there that won’t be posted here on the blog. Yay!

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