Mountains Out of Mole Hills

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I have a habit of making mountains out of mole hills. Anyone else?

In part, it was some of the inspiration for the name of my blog. I set out with the intention of making my dreams come true, moving my own personal mountains. Achieving things that I couldn’t have dreamed of in my younger years. Going after those dreams with gusto and letting nothing stand in my way- not even myself, and my sometimes irrational thought processes.

Sometimes, small tasks or many small tasks leave me feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, that overwhelm leads me to shutting down and not completing anything at all. It’s definitely something that has impacted my life negatively over the years. It tends to lead to unnecessary stress and worry, then I get down on myself for it later because I logically know that it was totally ridiculous. It may be a form of anxiety, but I don’t see much use in putting a label on it. Especially since I have no intention on seeking medical intervention.

I feel strongly that this is something that I can overcome on my own. It is something I can master with the right mindset. With the right tools, any mountain can be conquered, right? No more mountains out of mole hills!

This year, my plan is to make this a bad habit of my past! So, the question became: What strategies, steps, or tools can I implement to make the first baby step towards helping myself better deal with the overwhelm?

For me, that means utilizing calendars and planners with more consistency. When I have a plan, especially something I can visually refer to through the day/week/month, I tend to get less anxious and feel less of that initial overwhelm.

I know that I’ll have to implement more to really overcome this mountain, but this baby step is one step in the right direction towards that goal. After all, this is about not getting overwhelmed, so I’m keeping my steps towards this small (and achievable)- before I get overwhelmed with trying to avoid getting overwhelmed. Haha! Wouldn’t that be something?! Exactly something I would have done in the past, and exactly what I don’t want to happen.

I’ve bought a new calendar and planner. Time to rock this.

Anyone dealing with the same thing? Tell me in the comments, we can be accountability buddies! Anyone have strategies to help or that have helped you to overcome this? I’ll try anything!

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