Word of the Year: JOY

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I’ve never been much for this “word of the year” stuff. I know some people really live by it, but I didn’t really get the point of it. Then, a kind soul explained it in terms I could understand. Choosing the word is just setting an intention for yourself to focus on for the year. Something for you to work on, work towards, or just center you during times of chaos. Now, it makes sense!

I’ve thought about it awhile because I wanted to pick a really good word. When it came right down to it, I had a hard time choosing just ONE word. Like, holy shit, do these people know how much I talk? One word? You’re killing me.

So I finally had to choose, and I ended up with the word “Joy” because it encompasses so many of the other words that I had on my list too. Joyfulness doesn’t exist without happiness, laughter, and smiles. It is powerful, positive, and loving. Most of all, you cannot be joyful without wanting to share your joy with others. However, being joyful is intensely personal–what brings one person joy, does nothing for another, and drives the next person up the wall! So, while I do hope to share my joy in the upcoming year, I know that it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and in even that, I want to find joy because I know my tribe is out there!

2019 Word of the Year: Joy, www.shesmovingmountains.com

I’m hoping to incorporate the word joy into my work this year. It should give me a good challenge to use it in a new and unique way. It will remind me to focus on my own joys and blessings.

Can a person be joyful and still swear, be sarcastic, and tell dirty jokes? Asking for a friend.

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