Word of the Year: JOY

I’ve never been much for this “word of the year” stuff. I know some people really live by it, but I didn’t really get the point of it. Then, a kind soul explained it in terms I could understand. Choosing the word is just setting an intention for yourself to focus on for the year. Something for you to work on, work towards, or just center you during times of chaos. Now, it makes sense! I’ve thought about it awhile … Read more

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I am so happy to be welcoming in a new year. Hello 2019! I am so thankful for 2018 and all the love, soul searching, and experiences that it held, but I am excited and joyful for what 2019 is going to be! A new year is always the perfect time for NEW things to begin! Speaking of new, I am newly married! We eloped a few weeks ago, and I am so happy! After 8 years, we think we … Read more