We are Universal & Disney Bound

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Disney Bound

So we’re planning a Disney vacation.  Can I just say “ugh!”  While I agree that it’s a trip every kid should get to take while they are a kid, the prices are CRAZY.  I’m much more for vacations that are less spendy, less structured, and much more laid back.  There is so much planning involved in this trip, that it nearly made my head explode.  So much in fact, that I decided to take the easy way out of a lot of the planning.  We decided to just stay at Disney while our tickets are good and then stay at Universal Studios while our tickets are good there.  Done.  Check that off the damn list!  Then, we said screw it, let’s just get the food plans too.  Check that off the list too!!!  Done.

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The truth is that I spent a lot of extra money for convenience, which is totally unlike me in every way.  I am rationalizing the expense for my sanity and for the stress-free aspect of the vacation itself.  I won’t have to worry about much while we are on vacation, so that’s a definite bonus! So being Disney bound doesn’t have to be anymore of a headache than paying the ginormous bill.

My idea of vacation planning is normally “this is our destination” and “this is how we’re getting there” and “this is where we’re sleeping” and I don’t plan a single other thing! We are kinda fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants vacationers.  I print off the local hot spots so we can decide where we’d like to go once we are there, and that’s about it.  That gives us freedom to just be lazy if that’s what we want to do too. Being Disney bound changed ALL of that. I had to schedule our meals months in advance just so little miss would get to hang out and get pics with characters!

I’m happy that the planning part is done.  I won’t go back until I have grandkids, which I hope is a good long while from now!  I feel like I really need a giant glass of something that is basically pure alcohol to wash down the giant bill.  I still owe Disney $2000. Heaven help me, why did I agree to this?!

How do you super mom’s plan a legit vacation without going insane?  Especially a Disney bound vacation?

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