Trick To Grow The Best Garden Ever

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Trick To Grow The Best Garden Ever

There is only one trick and it’s the simplest one: planning.

Plan what, how, and where to plant.  Plan how many of each plant.  Plan for some plant loss.  Plan for pests and disease.  Plan weed control.

Trick to Grow The Best Garden Ever

What should I plant?

First you have to know your zone.  (Find that info here)  Then, you can decide what will grow best and when you should start/plant it.  Certain species of plants and veggies will do better in certain areas.  For instance, you can’t really grow many species of cotton and peanuts in the north because of a shorter growing season.  If you wish to grow these things you have to plan ahead and do some research on growing methods. Planting things native to your area is a sure fire way to have a very productive garden. Plant the correct plants for your best garden ever.

How should I plant it?

So many options are popular these days.  From hay bale gardening to square foot gardening.  Of course there is always traditional planting often done in rows with tomato cages and trellis for the climbing plants.  Do your research and you’ll find what makes gardening both enjoyable and productive for you. I’m working on doing more square foot gardening and vertical gardening this year.  Each year I try to learn new skills and add to my gardens and beds (and make them more productive too).  It’s how I (attempt to) grow my best garden ever each and every year.

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How many of each plant?

That highly dependent on the space you have and the time that you have to put into your gardening.  The more plants and crowding mean that your garden will need a more watchful eye, more watering and feeding too.  It’s also more challenging to weed.  You should also consider what your goals are for your harvest.  If you’re just eating it fresh then don’t over plant your garden space.  If you’re opting to get the most bountiful harvest so you can preserve it for the winter, then you’ll want to invest the extra time to squeeze more plants in your space.

Planning for the bad stuff?

That’s right.  You even have to plan ahead for the bad stuff.  Plant loss happens.  Small animals, bugs, and disease happen to every gardener at some point. Sometimes a frost will get them, in which case you can often replant and recover.  You cannot forget to plan ahead for these losses or you may have an unsuccessful garden in the long run.  Nobody wants to see their best garden ever eaten away by stupid bugs!!  It’s heartbreaking.

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Gardening can be incredibly rewarding and relaxing.  Sure, it’s a lot of work too.  I want to see you get the most of your efforts so you find the enjoyment I do and continue growing year after year.  It’s such a benefit to our health when we can grow our own food, herbs and healing remedies.  It’s great exercise and getting some outside time too!  I’m sure lots of other people are lacking in those departments, same as me! LOL

Show me your seeds, show me your gardens, show me how you’re planning for your garden in the comments!  I’d love to hear all about it!

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