Resolutions Update- February

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Resolutions Update- February Edition

I’ve copied all of my resolutions from the new year and posted my updates in red.  I was kind of not looking forward to this post, but once I started to write the updates I realized that this isn’t meant to be perfect, and it’s not meant to all be accomplished in a month.  These are goals for a YEAR.  Just keep on working on them and yourself and you’re going to do great things!

Resolutions Update February Edition,


  • Continue losing weight with a goal to lose 35 pounds ~ I’m still losing!  Only lost about 3 pounds this month, but I’m sticking with it.  Slow and steady wins the race!
  • Tone up–lift weights twice a week ~ Haven’t touched a weight 🙁
  • Drink my water and hit my macros everyday ~ Every single day!
  • Take my vitamins everyday ~ Every single day!
  • Be happy–mental health is important too ~ Yes, this has been freeing!  


  • Make my business “official” with the gov (or go directly to jail for tax evasion!) and keep every receipt too ~ Haven’t done this yet, but planning to soon.
  • Build my Thrive Life team & create goals/prizes for my team members outside of Thrive’s prizes ~ Honestly, I forgot about this one!  I’ll start incorporating it NOW!
  • Reopen my Etsy shop with decals, printables, stickers, pre-cut vinyl stencils, etc.  (no more custom signs) ~ Hoping to reopen this week!
  • Save, save, save because it’s good to have a savings account if hard times hit ~ This will always be a work in progress, but we have saved more since the first of the year.
  • Build my blog and social presence because someday it will pay off (#2018 goals) ~ Things are definitely building, it’s slow, but it’s growing.  So happy!

Everything Else:

  • Dress for success (like no more yoga pants!  “Success” doesn’t have a stretchy waistband!) ~ I’m about 50% on this one HAHA!
  • Wear makeup more often ~ It’s happening!
  • Give my craft room/office a makeover ~ Nope, it’s still filthy and unorganized.  *sad face*
  • Continue to expand my foodscape and garden ~ Still too early, but I’m in the planning stages and it’s going well.
  • Continue to be more prepared for any and all situations ~ I do something every week to make me more prepared, even if it’s just acquiring knowledge.
  • Take more pictures (and be okay with being IN pictures too) ~ I actually took some selfies the other day *gasp*
  • Get rid of soooo much clutter in my house and organize ~ I’ve got rid of a little.  I think this is just going to be an ongoing adventure.
  • Build cool stuff ~ Working on a shelf right now!
  • Make beautiful things ~ I’ve made a lot since the first of the year already, and I hope to keep it up!
  • Laugh A LOT ~ Yessss!
  • Try new things ~ Yes, I am!
  • Have fun ~ Absolutely!
  • Never stop going after my dreams ~ Hustling every day!  🙂

So where are you on your resolutions?  How many have you kept?  What type of progress are you making on them?  Have you completed some of them already?  Fill me in on all the details!

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