Make a Pandemic Preparedness Kit Today

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Make a Pandemic Preparedness Kit Before It’s Too Late

If you read my last post about being prepared for pandemics and outbreaks, then you know how important it is to have necessary items on hand to deal with an illness.  If we don’t prepare now then you could find empty shelves of needed medicine and medical supplies–which will further serve to spread the deadly contagion.  If you missed that post you can catch up here You Should Be Preparing For a Pandemic.

Making a Preparedness Kit is easy, it doesn’t have to be full of a million expensive items, it needs to fit your family and your budget.  The amount of money I’m willing to spend on any particular prep kit depends a lot on how likely I think any given scenario is.  I do think that pandemics and outbreaks are a highly likely scenario, and indeed, the world is overdue for a bad one.  Way overdue.  Perhaps that’s thanks to modern medicine and our access to soap and bleach?  I don’t know, I’m speculating.  What I know is that I like to be prepared for anything that comes up, and being prepared for a major contagious illness before it hits my house and family is high on the list!  Perhaps my preparation means that my family or myself will be spared from it, and that’s what I’m really striving for.

Make a pandemic preparedness kit today,

So I’ll go over simple, advanced, and expert level pandemic/outbreak kits.  For each new level, you’d be ADDING to the previous levels items. Also, you should have enough (and correct sizes) for each member of your family or group.  I also keep extra kits in case we have damaged items or have more people than just our immediate family.

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Simple Pandemic Preparedness Kit

  • Rubber Gloves
  • Surgical Masks
  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Bleach
  • Disinfecting wipes (Clorox or similar)
  • Disinfecting spray (like Lysol)
  • Tylenol
  • Motrin
  • Cough Suppressant
  • Expectorant
  • Anti-diarrhea medication
  • Thermometer, preferably disposable
  • Electrolyte drinks or powder (we like these ones)
  • Ginger tea and/or ginger ale
  • Natural herbs and remedies to keep the illness away (lets try to avoid so we don’t need all these preps!!)
  • Natural herbs and remedies to get over the illness faster
  • Phone numbers and other contact details for the CDC and WHO (you can never be too cautious and it’s just a piece of paper!)
  • 7 days worth of food
  • 7 days worth of water (for drinking and cleaning purposes)

Advanced Pandemic Preparedness Kit (in addition to above items)

  • N95 Masks
  • Goggles
  • Medical Grade Disinfectant (Cavicide or similar)
  • Disposable surgical gowns
  • Benadryl (can act as an anti-nausea)
  • Dramamine (motion sickness medication can also act as an anti-nausea)
  • Air purifier with HEPA filter
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Duct tape
  • Disposable sick bags
  • 14 days worth of food
  • 14 days worth of water (for both drinking and cleaning)

Expert Pandemic Preparedness Kit

  • Full face respirator (I recommend this one)
  • High grade respirator filters (These are my favorite since they also protect against gasses commonly used overseas in attacks and I like my preps to do double duty)
  • Disposable safety overalls with hood and elastic wrist, these also have booties which are helpful for epidemics
  • UV air sanitizer and purifier
  • Zippered Plastic for doors
  • Know how to make and administer IV fluids (I’m working on this skill myself, perhaps I can find us a visiting blogger for this topic!)
  • 21 days worth of food
  • 21 days worth of water (for both drinking and cleaning)

As you can see, it doesn’t take much to set up a simple pandemic kit, even if you don’t have any of the supplies already on hand, they’re relatively inexpensive.  If you don’t have the time or patience to put one together for yourself there are lots of premade options on the market.  (We hope to offer these soon in our shop, so I’ll update when that happens!)  However, these are the ones that looked the best to me that are on Amazon:

These ones are super simple and super cheap:

These ones would be more mid-grade:

And these are the high-end premade kits:

There is no right or wrong answer.  For each person and family, the kit and it’s contents will be different.  For some people that means making their own, and for others that means buying a kit that’s got everything they need and they don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Peace of mind is what matters.

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