Heart to Heart Chat With Ya

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Heart to Heart

I know I promised an update about our vacation, which I have now put off for months….BUT….

Instead, I’ve been taking the time to really think about my blog and business.  I had to have a heart to heart with myself about the whole thing. Do I want to continue it? Why does it feel like WORK and why is it that I don’t want to really do it? What would make it FUN for me again? At what point did I change things where it stopped being a fun-filled thing to do in my spare time?

Heart to Heart www.shesmovingmountains.com

Well, I’ll tell ya (and since this is a heart to heart I’ll be absolutely honest)….I think it was about the moment that I was advised to clean up my language and be more of a “Holly Homemaker” if I wanted my blog to succeed.  It’s true, I am a homemaker, and I cook (almost) everyday, and I clean, and I homeschool the two kids still living at home.  However, I am a gritty stay-at-home-mom, artist, etc.  I drink coffee in my pajamas until the wee hours of the afternoon.  I swear a lot, and yell a bunch.  I write blog posts and paint half the day away sometimes without even brushing my hair.  My house is NOT Pinterest pretty.  Sometimes, my grammar and punctuation suck.  Some weeks I don’t have a single moment to myself, and even the puppy is laying on my feet while I’m trying to pee. I can’t always post on a scheduled day and time.  Sometimes I just don’t have a thing in the world to talk about because I’ve not done anything noteworthy.

I tried to make a blog where I wasn’t truly and authentically myself, and you know what? It took a toll on me. I’m not good at being fake for the masses. I’d rather write how things REALLY are and have a small tribe that hangs out and thinks it’s cool. Same with my business, signs and decals. I was avoiding making certain things because they might be “offensive” or not sit right with some people. I love the Bible as much as anybody, but I feel like I was painting scripture on signs that was losing it’s meaning because I looked at the same verses day in and day out. It sapped all creativity right out of me. And don’t get me started on people who want customized signs….some people were great, but others would want the craziest shit and then complain about the finished product (like I’m sorry Debbie Downer that the shade of gray on your sign doesn’t EXACTLY match your fucking kitchen tile!)

So going forward it’s going to be: My blog, my rules. My business, my rules. And I will say “no” to custom orders that frankly, I just don’t want to do.  Life is too short to be unhappy, and I’m turning this shit show around.  How’s that for a heart to heart chat? LOL

Prepare to see some changes, lots of updates to the old content.  New pictures. New stories. New products. New me.

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