Diving Into Homeschool

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Diving Into Homeschool

Let me start by saying, I am not blessed with the patience required to be a teacher.  It’s just not in me in any way, shape, or form.  Those who know me personally, know this to be absolute truth.

Diving Into Homeschool, www.shesmovingmountains.com

So, my children went to parochial school last school year.  There were a lot of changes coming to the school and church and I just started to be uneasy about it all.  My oldest has Aspberger’s and doesn’t always do well with huge amounts of change.  For her, things staying the same is always easiest.  So many of the teacher’s were moving on to other opportunities, probably better pay, because the school was on the smaller side. The principal was being replaced by an elder from the church, and there was a new young pastor who really had his hands full at home, at church, and additionally being a part of the school.

It was a good school, but I couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling about all the changes so I started looking into homeschooling, or rather diving into homeschooling–curriculums, craziness, how would I handle it?  How would they? What are the pros and cons?  It would be the best case scenario for my oldest daughter, all of the typical distractions of a classroom would be gone and she could focus on schooling.  She gets VERY distracted by talking and laughing that she insists she MUST join in on. (She’s basically failed 9th grade twice, so she needed a radical upset to jolt her into focusing) For my youngest, my social butterfly, it would be a drastic change, and perhaps wouldn’t benefit her as much.

So, we mulled it over, did more research, and I went diving into homeschool facebook groups that were local, literally every one I could find.  I dug in more, looking at online programs versus traditional homeschooling.  Eventually, we decided on what we thought would work best.  It’s traditional homeschool where they can move along at their own pace, but it’s all online for a monthly fee.  Plus, we found our local homeschool groups do lots of outings and get togethers so I’d be able to keep them being social outside of a typical school environment.

As it turns out, diving into homeschool was more like jumping in a kiddie pool.  Why did I make sure a big deal out of it?  Because it IS a big deal, it’s your kid’s whole life.  Education is so important.  So yes, I was worried, but I didn’t need to be.

The girls finished up their school year at their traditional school on June 1st, and they both EAGERLY jumped into homeschooling the same day!  So we’re a couple weeks in right now, and they both really look forward to hitting their goals every day and week.  They spend so much less time on school and so much more time learning things at home, in the garden, in the kitchen, etc.  It’s so refreshing as a parent.  I rarely have to tell them to do their work, they just start on it in the morning and are usually done by lunch time.  The big bonus of this is that my oldest daughter currently has all A’s, and that has NEVER happened, not even in Kindergarten!  So I’m delighted with it so far!!

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