Birthday and Mother’s Day

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Birthday and Mother’s Day

As any kid who has a birthday on or near a holiday can tell you, sometimes it sucks. Chris and I both have this issue.  So we always make a big deal to celebrate each other’s birthday separate from the holiday.  Which, in it’s way, is one of those little things that we just do for each other that mean so much.

Birthday and Mother's Day,

Well, my birthday is near or on Mother’s Day, depending on the year.  It’s really not THAT big of a deal to get combined gifts, but Chris set the bar so the kid’s follow suit. I get a birthday card AND a mother’s day card. It’s cute.

This year I only asked for hanging baskets for the front porch as a gift, so that’s what I got. And Saturday morning, I answered the door to “I have a flower delivery for Susan” and me sadly closing the door because my name is not Susan. As it turns out she just had the wrong name, and my flowers were in her truck. So Chris got me, he surprised me (on a weekend!) with a big bouquet of beautiful smelly flowers- roses, tulips, and lilies.  Just beautiful.  Then, I spent the rest of the weekend being spoiled, not with gifts, but just peaceful relaxation and cuddling.  It was my best birthday yet!

I’m starting 36 off healthy (aside from headaches) and happy!  I love my life, I love the people that I share it with! I felt very special and spoiled and do I really have to wait a whole year to have another weekend like that?! LOL

Tell me what you got for Mother’s Day in the comments or share your most memorable Mother’s Day with me!

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