20 Reasons Why EVERY Home Needs Thrive Life Food in 2018!

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20 Reasons Why Every Home Needs Thrive Life Food in 2018

Why EVERY home needs Thrive Life Foods in 2018, she's moving mountains

  1.  Long shelf life.
    Many Thrive options have a 25 year shelf life when unopened, and up to a year once they are opened!
  2. Convenience!
    We could all use a little more of this, right?  Groceries delivered to your door!
  3. Prepackaged meal options.
    Thrive Life has lots of options, like tasty prepackaged meals that you simply add water to and heat up.
  4. No waste.
    All of the seeds, stems, and cores are already removed from the fruits and veggies and the meat already has the fat cooked off!  And think of how much less you’ll throw in the garbage because of the longer shelf life.  No more produce growing mold in the fridge.
  5. Minimal prep time.
    We could all use a little more time, but Thrive Life actually delivers!  Save time on all those meal prep steps.  No more washing all those fruits and veggies!
  6. No chopping or cutting.
    The days of crying over your onions is over!
  7. Easy monthly deliveries.
    Thrive’s grocery delivery service is an awesome addition to their services.  Choose the foods you’d like to get, set your monthly budget amount, and Thrive Life will fill and ship your order every month.  It doesn’t get any easier than that!!
  8. Eat it crunchy for snacks.
    Healthy crunchy snacks!
  9. Nutrient dense foods.
    The freeze drying process doesn’t leach away any of your foods nutrients.  Freeze drying leaves all of the nutrients in tact and all of the flavor too!
  10. Individual ingredients.
    Thrive Life sells individual ingredients so you can make your food, your way.
  11. Meals in jars.
    Who doesn’t love the ability to dump a jar and some water and have a meal ready to eat?  It makes my life so easy, especially on those hectic days when I have no energy!
  12. Peace of mind.
    Never worry about the next power outage.  There’s no spoilage with Thrive foods!  Don’t worry about that next snow storm either because your pantry is full of Thrive Life food. Avoid the madness and empty shelves at the grocery stores!
  13. Never run out of your favorite foods.
    Keep an extra can of things you use often in your pantry and never run out of your favorite foods again.  Even milk!
  14. Lightweight.
    Thrive freeze dried food has all the moisture removed so it’s super lightweight, which makes it ideal for hiking, backpacking and camping.
  15. Simple.
    It’s so simple–just add water.
  16. Energy use.
    Freezers running around the clock use a lot of energy, freeze dried food is better for the planet.
  17. Non-GMO.
    Thrive Life has lots of non-GMO options, and they’re clearly labeled and easy to find.
  18. Organic.
    Thrive has lots of organic options too, and they’re also clearly labeled and easy to find on the website.
  19. Gluten Free.
    Many gluten free options for those who need to avoid it.  Thrive makes it easy!
  20. Container sizes.
    Different container sizes to fit your family and your life!  The pantry can size allows you to try a smaller size before committing to the larger #10 cans too.

And to really sweeten the pot, Thrive Life lets you sign up as a consultant and sell the food and earn commission plus free and half priced food!  I’ve completely stocked my home without really spending much of my own money out of pocket.  It’s been such a blessing to my family.

To shop at my Thrive store (with me as your personal consultant–prices with a consultant are cheaper) please visit www.movingmountains.thrivelife.com and sign up for an account.  Even if you decide not to buy anything now, when you come back later you’ll still be linked as my customer!

If you’d like to sign up to receive my once, sometimes twice, monthly Thrive Foods newsletter with specials, promotions, and giveaways sign up here.  Lots of extras if you like our Facebook page as well.

If you’d like to join my Thrive Life team or would like more information, this page should have all the information you’re looking for.  Get in touch because I’d love to have you as part of my team!


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