She’s Making Mountains Out Of Mole Hills?

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Mountains out of mole hills?

Sometimes I do this.  Don’t we all, at some point, have a tendency to make mountains out of mole hills?  So let me share my mole hills with you.

First, we got robbed.  Not an overly big deal, they only got into our storage shed.  They stole my coveted mini roto tiller.  *sad face*  I have very few “things”.  I am not a collector of things, or lover of things.  To me, things are mostly just expendable.  However, a few things I have, I truly appreciate and adore.  My tiller was one of those things.  Something that was bought just for me, for both my love of gardening and my love of feeding my family food that I grow.  So, it’s pretty much gone forever, unless the police are able to locate it by some miracle.  They also trashed everything else that was in there.  So I had to remake signs that were in there that had just been sealed.  It’s going to need a huge amount of cleaning when the weather warms up.  As a small aside to this, the police responded immediately, followed up the next day, and were all around awesome!  Support your local police officers and police departments!!

Second, Amazon cancelled my associates account for lack of activity.  (How come you people never click on my links? Hmmm? LOL)  It’s a total pain in the butt.  I now have to go back through all previous blog posts and redo all of the links for that.  Time consuming as all get out!!!

Third, that stupid gopher and his 6 more weeks of winter prediction.  It’s cold and I’m ready for spring!  “Mountains out of mole hills?” you ask….I want to bury that wretched animal under a mole hill.

Fourth, this blog has come under a surprisingly high amount of hacking attacks in the last month.  Like….wow….who would waste their time trying to hack a blog?  What’s to be gained from that?

Live Fire Gear - Live Fire Original
Sometimes making mountains out of mole hills is about good things too!  So let me tell you that there have been an amazingly high number of page views and unique new visitors in the last month also!  I’m so happy with that, and while for a big blog the number would be a drop in the bucket, I am ECSTATIC!  Growth is always good!

Finally, Thrive is hosting this year’s fantasy getaway trip in Aruba!!  I would really appreciate your support and well wishes on this.  We have to earn points that we earn by selling, signing up new consultants, reaching new ranks, etc.  It will certainly be easier for the brand new consultants than it will be for me, but I am going to give it my all.  If you’re interested in purchasing anything or joining my team, please let me know, I’d love to help you get to Aruba too! (And there is PLENTY of time to earn this trip because we have until July!) The link to my store is

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