Organize My Life, Part Two: Get Rid of Clutter

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Organize My Life, Part Two: Get Rid of Clutter

How to get rid of clutter is a question everyone has asked at one time or another.  There is no right answer because it’s unique to each person, and each household.  Every person has certain things they do that clutter up their homes, and sometimes each house has it’s own “bad spots” that seem to clutter up more easily than others.  There is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach that will work in all homes  or for all people.

As I’ve said before, I am chronically disorganized.  I’m working hard this year at turning that around.  I’ve had some great ideas to get rid of the clutter and some that will help to control it in the future.

There is no room in my house that is free of clutter.  Not a single one.  I suppose some clutter is to be expected when you have two adults, three kids, and two dogs.  However, that’s no excuse, and with our oldest getting ready to start college in the fall, I am ready to make some changes around here.

Organize My Life, Part Two: Getting Rid of Clutter, get rid of clutter


{ Do a room-by-room assessment }

In each room, take note of problem areas for clutter, as well as what type of clutter you are having a problem with (paperwork, clothing, jewelry, craft supplies, etc.)

Mine looks like this:

  • Kitchen & Pantry- too many dishes, too much silverware, too many water bottles, pantry is poorly organized because the kids don’t put things in the correct places, too many small appliances/not enough space for them
  • Dining Room/Office Space- this is the room that catches all, just set it on fire and start fresh.
  • Living Room- mail clutter
  • Bedroom- old clothes, jewelry
  • Charlotte’s Bedroom- toys, OMG, does that kid have a million toys?!
  • Haley’s Room- Currently okay.
  • Ben’s Room- He’s a hoarder.
  • Attic Workspace- it’s a mess, I need shelves to organize it any better
  • Basement- organize food shelves

It’s a lot, right?  I know.  I hate it.

{ Work one room at a time, one task at a time }

This may mean that you concentrate on one room per day (or week, if needs be).  Maybe you need to concentrate on one task per day.  Whatever works for you, and as long as you can keep at it and stay committed to getting it cleaned up.  The idea here is to not get overwhelmed by how much needs done in the WHOLE house, or the WHOLE room.  If your desk is a disaster zone, like mine is, maybe that’s the one thing you accomplish that day.  That’s perfectly fine!  You worked at it, accomplished a goal, and tomorrow you can get started on another one.

{ Clean while you go }

I’m not talking a deep clean, but just keep a rag and a bottle of 409 with you as you work.  It takes like 2 seconds to spray and wipe something down real quick!

{ Things to help you organize }

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{ Sell what you can }

Why not make a little cash while you get rid of clutter?  You can put it towards buying things that help you get (and stay) organized!  There are lots of option for selling things you don’t want anymore.

If you’re selling craft supplies, try Etsy.  (If you sign up for an account with that link you get forty free listing, and so do I.  Thank you for clicking!!!)  It’s a great place for unloading craft supplies you no longer want or need.

Sell Your Books at!
Ebay is great for selling adult and kids clothes, shoes, and jewelry that isn’t too pricey.  Actually, Ebay is pretty great for selling just about anything, but not everything will sell unless you’re willing to let it go cheap.  There are always local garage sale sites that are good for selling things to local people too.

Good luck, I hope you make a bundle!

{ Donate what you can’t sell }

It’s a great tax write off at the end of the year.  Why not get a good start at 2017 by donating and saving those receipts (in an organized folder, of course)?

This means put it in a box or a bag and take it directly to your car.  Guess what happens when you don’t donate it right now?  It turns back into clutter.  Because that box or bag will sit there and sit there until you make a resolution next year to get organized.  Trust me, I know!!

{ Trash what you’re not donating }

Say goodbye to that trash.  Getting it out of the house will make it feel like you can breathe again!!  Doesn’t it feel good to get rid of clutter?!

organize my life, part two, getting rid of clutter, www.shesmovingmountains.comorganize my life, part two: getting rid of clutter

2 thoughts on “Organize My Life, Part Two: Get Rid of Clutter”

  1. Clutter happens so fast. I feel like I’m always donating stuff – which isn’t a bad thing, but dang! How did we accumulate so much?! 😛
    I’ve found that there is far less organization needed when the clutter is reduced or eliminated. I’m a cozy minimalist (we don’t live bare bones but we live pretty minimally), and I’m a recovering organizer. I LOVE to organize, lol.

  2. I wish I were a natural organizer, Valerie. Alas, it was not in the cards for me. I’m a clutter-holic it seems and then I have to do yearly purging to keep it under control. If I don’t follow these steps it just doesn’t get done.

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