New Beginnings

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New Beginnings

I’ve let my poor blog go by the wayside in the midst of lots of happenings in our family and home.  Many things changed in the last year, we lost loved ones, and life was hectic.  Things are finally slowing down as the snow settles over our small part of the Earth.  My racing mind is finally slowing down too, and I can get back to the things I enjoy that help keep me centered.  I’m so happy to be back!  I’m really looking forward to creating new things and reopening my Etsy shop soon, and hopefully I’ll be back to selling Thrive full-time soon too.  It can be a lot of work, but they’re things I’m passionate about, and I wouldn’t give them up permanently for anything.  It’s hard to imagine that I put my Etsy shop on “vacation” mode in August!  That’s too long without creating anything!

New Beginnings, she's moving mountains,

My first goals are to write and schedule some blog content for all of you fine folks to read, create some new and exciting things for my Etsy shop, and organize, clean and paint my new office/craft room.  I’ve got so many ideas bouncing around in my head I’m not sure where to start!  We will get a new start starting January 1st, so put that on your calendars and BE READY!

Thank you for being here, thank you for following along on my journey.  I’m beyond humbled and I am so grateful for you and your friendship!

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