Eating Better? Feeling Horrible.

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Eating Better?  Feeling Horrible!

I don’t know about everyone else, but my resolve about eating better is…..wavering.

I have lost 2 pounds, but that loss is not due to eating well.  I’ll go a day or two where I’m eating great, then BOOM! I go and pig out on some potato chips.  I feel like I have no willpower whatsoever.  It’s really disheartening.

To top it off, The Mister is on what the doctor calls a “low residue diet” which is, to my surprise, a real thing.  The diet is basically all easy to digest carbs with no fiber or very little fiber.  It’s super easy on his poor digestive system because he has Crohn’s disease, but it’s super hard on my waist line!  And you just feel like crap when you eat like that.  It’s awful.  I hate it.  I want a salad!  Who would have thought a doctor would be so against eating better?! I can’t even imagine how he feels about it.  Poor guy.  Seriously, I hope the doctor can work some healing magic because this guy deserves a break from digestive issues!

On another note, I’ve had these peely rough spots on my face for almost a year now.  I finally was able to get into the dermatologist after an 8 month waiting list!  First, he said it was dermatitis and sent me on my way with some medicine.  After a month it didn’t go away.  So, now he said it’s acting more like psoriasis (on. my. face. wtf.) and wanted me to get my B6 levels checked.  I was surprised when they came back low-ish.  I eat really well, and a big variety.  I did some research and apparently high protein diets can lead to low B6. I do love the keto and low carb diets because they don’t feel so restrictive on the amount you can eat, but “eating better” gets harder when it’s causing health problems.

So I started this B vitamin supplement, along with my normal multivitamin.  In two days, my skin on my whole face is softer.  It’s weird.  Could a vitamin really do that?!  I’m not sure, I’ll update when I’ve had more time.  Perhaps my skin is just getting smoother on it’s own and it has  nothing to do with the vitamin?  I don’t even know.  I just know I keep rubbing my face because it’s smooth, and not just on the psoriasis spots, I mean all of my face.

I am very hopeful that the spots start clearing up too.  One is near the corner of my eye and one near the corner of my mouth.  The one at the corner of my mouth is looking much better already, so I’m crossing my fingers that the one by my eye does the same thing!

I also ordered some activated charcoal before I realized my face was getting smoother because I wanted to do a charcoal facial.  I think I’m still going to go ahead and do it.  It can’t hurt anything, right?  I’ll update with what a mess I make trying to do “girly” things.  I’m a hot mess when it comes to girly stuff.


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