Difficult Couple Weeks

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What a very difficult couple of weeks it has been for my (very large and extended) family.

September 11th is hard for everyone in our country, but that’s also the sad anniversary of when we lost my grandma.  I know everyone says this about their grandma, but MY grandma was the salt of the Earth.  Truly, no better person in the world.  She was everyone’s “Grandma” and everyone’s “Mom” and nobody left her house hungry and without their cheeks hurting from laughing and smiling too much.  She gave the best hugs, she always smelled fresh, and her skin always felt soft.  It’s funny when someone is gone, the things that you remember and treasure about them.

September wasn’t done with my family though.  We lost my uncle Dwayne this year.  This guy was so full of life and happiness.  Always smiling and laughing.  Always trying to get the family together to do things.  Always the first one to hug you when you walked in the door, and the one who would chat your ear off to get you to stay an extra hour! He was an amazing soul who is gone too soon.  Way too soon, only 50 years old.  Proof that massive heart attacks can strike anyone at any time.

Photo by Alexander S. Kunz on Unsplash

It was nice to see my family, it doesn’t happen often enough and I miss them all terribly.  I just wish it had been on better terms.  I wish they were ALL there, and I wish we weren’t missing such big parts of our hearts.

Please pray for his wife.  They had only been married a short time when this happened, and it hurts my heart to think of her loss and pain.  Please pray for his children and grandchildren, who lost their dad and grandpa way too soon.  And pray for his brothers because the 5 of them were so close.

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