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Family Turmoil

Family Turmoil

While I was gone we had a fair amount of family turmoil going on.  I wrote a big long post, airing all of the dirty laundry.  Then, I deleted it.

Why?  Because it’s over, and rehashing it doesn’t help anyone at this point.  Things have changed around here for sure.  My stepson graduated high school, went to live with his mom, and decided to get a job in a factory rather than go to college.  We’re disappointed in his decisions, but he’s an adult and there isn’t much we can do about it.  We just have to accept that it’s a decision that he’s made for his life, and go on with our own lives.  We know he will regret it one day, but today is not that day.  I had said that once the kids graduate they may live at home for free while going to college.  If they’re not doing something to actively better their lives then they will have to pay rent.  His mom’s house doesn’t have pesky things like rules, expectations, or responsibilities. So that’s where he went.

At this point, he’s barely talking to us.  Though he will talk to me more than his dad, and I’m not quite sure why.  I’ve always been the one to dole out punishments.  I was certainly the one with expectation for the kids to go college.  I was always the “bad guy.” His dad didn’t do anything that should have ticked him off, and yet he avoids talking to him.  I don’t get it, and it certainly hurts Chris to not see or talk to him.

In any event, we’re adjusting to a new normal.  We’re trying to find the silver lining in his growing up and moving out.  We hope that someday he will decide to go to college and advance his life.  He’s a bright kid and he deserves more than a factory job.  I just hope he sees that before he’s strapped down by life: house, bills, wife, and kids.  Right now he feels rich at 18, he’s making $16 per hour.  At 25 years old that $16 won’t go as far, and won’t seem as appealing.

On the upside, I’ve got a new craft room!  If he decides to move back home, he’s going to have to sleep in my old craft room.  That’s fair, right?

Total Relaunch in 10, 9, 8

Total Relaunch!

Did you miss me?  I sure missed you precocious people!

There has been SO much going on in my life that I had to let this blog, Etsy, and even selling Thrive temporarily go by the wayside.  I have missed ya’ll so much and I am so excited to be back!  School started today and it was a welcome relief to get back to the things I love doing.  I haven’t blogged in months, the Etsy shop is on vacation mode, and Thrive sorta sells itself but it sure does better when I’m actively working!

While I was gone I’ve come up with the idea of doing a TOTAL RELAUNCH on everything.

Total Relaunch Graphic www.shesmovingmountains.com

Completely re-stock and reimagine my Etsy.  I’d like to add stickers, decals, SVG files, and more printables.  I still want to keep offering signs, but I think I need to stop making custom signs for the time being until I can get everything running just right.  I’m just going to leave it on vacation mode until I can get a workable amount of items designed and stocked.

As for the blog, it could use a little update here and there, and it seems to be running a little slow so that needs to be fixed.  Of course, I need to post to keep it in tip top shape.  Can’t very well do a total relaunch without freshening up the place, can we?!

There is so much that’s new and exciting with Thrive right now, that I really just need to tell you guys about it, and talk to other people about it more.  They’ve launched new and exciting products that are just so awesome that people (and consultants) are going nuts for them!

Social Media
It’s a necessary evil of keeping in touch with all of my lovelies (aka YOU) and as much as I loathe social media at times, it can be fun too.  I’ll have lots of new posts, giveaways, and games over the next few weeks while I work on the total relaunch.  I’ve got to give away all of the things I design and make!  Be sure to like me on Facebook and Instagram for updates!