organize my life part one planning,

Organize My Life, Part One: Planning

Organize My Life, Part One: Planning One of my biggest pitfalls as a blogger mother human being is that I am chronically disorganized. I am changing that this year, for once and for all, and for good!  I will organize and conquer! It’ll be a step-by-step process, to be sure, because I needed change to come in small doses.  I used to be a straight up slob when I was younger, so just the fact that my house is clean as …

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A New Plan for a New Year

A new plan for a new year! I have a tendency to make resolutions every year and while I am well meaning, they often don’t stick.  Does everyone have these problems every new year? This new year my first and most important resolution is to KEEP MY RESOLUTIONS!   Here is the whole list in all of it’s glory: Keep my new year’s resolutions Read the Bible daily Lose weight and get healthier Get more organized and get rid of clutter …

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