One Week Til School Starts

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It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Duh…duh…duh!

Oh, sorry.  I got a little carried away. *blush*

As we are every year, I feel woefully unprepared.  Not for them to go, I’m more than ready for them to go.  I mean that we are always doing the last minute “I forgot this” and “I forgot that” every single year.  My older two are never fully forthcoming with what they need, and at the last minute they seem to remember it all.  (And sometimes the teachers–as it is this year–they want us to BUY a textbook because the school doesn’t have them….I’m not even sure what I think about that!)

“I need a 3 inch binder with a D-ring made of gold and rubies”

I may have a problem with exaggeration because I’m so high-strung about it….

office supplies


I just wish it were as easy as it was when they were in elementary school.  Get everything on the list and you were good!  Maybe a few extras for the classroom made you super mom.

Somebody wake me up when they all graduate college!!

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