Hello, October, My Old Friend.

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Hello, October.

It’s nice to see you again old friend!  YAY for pumpkins and cool fall weather!

However, BOO for having to clean everything up and pack it all away for winter.  Because anyone who knows me knows that I do not enjoy that part!

As a matter of fact, things have been so busy and crazy around here since spring that my whole entire house needs a once over “winterization” aka cleaning, dusting, organizing….definitely boo to that!

I’m busy busy preparing for a couple craft shows.  I am really looking forward to them, but also terrified too.  I know once I get one or two under my belt that things are going to be easier and more fun.  The first couple are just stressful.  No big deal I guess.  I do have things to buy though….a rug, some wooden crates, and table cloths.  I may use one table cloth I have here at home, but I’ll need one more for the other table too.  I’m sure I’ll need other decorations too, but I’m just focused on the main things I need.  It’s already October and the fall shows are coming up fast!

I am currently booking THRIVE tasting demonstrations too.  I have Saturday spaces open October 22nd and 29th for in-person demos.  Also November 12th and 19th.  I can do other days of the week too, so if you’d like a different day email me.  Facebook parties can be any time you want.  So let me know when you’d like to earn your free and half-priced products!  Check out the benefits of having a demonstration with your friends here.


For those who want to become consultants, they’re offering FREE SHIPPING on the starter kits but only this month (October 2016) which is an amazing deal. 

They are also having some pretty awesome sales this month which are in the picture above or you can check them out here.

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