Exercise Your Right To Vote Tomorrow

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No matter which party, or who is your candidate, you should exercise your right to vote tomorrow.

So many people fought for us to have this right. Why would you throw it away?  It really should be viewed as a duty.  A duty to our children, grandchildren, and every generation thereafter because each and every president has a long-lasting effect on our country.  The policies and people they put into power will continue to shape our country and world for many many generations into the future, likely stretching beyond our own lifetimes.

Vote Tomorrow, November 8, 8th, 2016, Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Mcmullin, Stein

How you vote is not my concern.  Just that you do indeed vote tomorrow!  I know that I’ll be at the polls tomorrow morning to cast my own ballot because it is my duty to my country, my family, and my fellow Americans.

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