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Our New President, Congratulations Mr. Trump.

It’s official, we have a new president, America. Congratulations Mr. Trump on your victory! Today our country is torn apart by this horrendous election cycle.  We need to accept the direction our country will be headed now, heal, and focus on the positives.  For those who were very upset to wake up to this news, they probably can’t see the positive yet.  My hope is that they will.  My hope is that at the end of 4 years they can …

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Exercise Your Right To Vote Tomorrow

No matter which party, or who is your candidate, you should exercise your right to vote tomorrow. So many people fought for us to have this right. Why would you throw it away?  It really should be viewed as a duty.  A duty to our children, grandchildren, and every generation thereafter because each and every president has a long-lasting effect on our country.  The policies and people they put into power will continue to shape our country and world for …

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Thrive Life Food Banner Consultant Mindy Roberts

Cheap & Healthy Survival Food? I found it!

Cheap & Healthy Survival Food?  I found it! Thrive Foods is the only freeze dried survival food that is almost completely healthy and can be bought cheap. It’s so healthy because Thrive doesn’t add extra ingredients.  No fillers and no preservatives.  Most products are GMO-free and many are organic.  It doesn’t get any better than that, and no other company offering freeze dried gourmet is at the same standard as Thrive.  When you buy products from Thrive you are getting the real …

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Great Tips! List of Things To Do When Your Handmade Business is Slow To Start.

When Your Handmade Business Is Slow To Start

When your handmade business is off to a slow start what is a person to do? Should you just give up before you risk too much? Do you continue on the same path? Giving up is not yet the best answer, but staying on the same path isn’t an option either. The answer is to keep building your small handmade business. Building doesn’t have to mean investing more money, because there are lots of free options to enhance your business …

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