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Our New President, Congratulations Mr. Trump.

It’s official, we have a new president, America. Congratulations Mr. Trump on your victory!

Today our country is torn apart by this horrendous election cycle.  We need to accept the direction our country will be headed now, heal, and focus on the positives.  For those who were very upset to wake up to this news, they probably can’t see the positive yet.  My hope is that they will.  My hope is that at the end of 4 years they can say “He did a pretty good job.  I’m in a better place and better off than I was 4 years ago.  He made our country better for having served it.”  I’m sure it won’t happen exactly like that, but a girl can hope. 🙂

congratulations mr. trump

I was pleased by Hillary Clinton and President Obama’s speeches today, as well as Mr. Trump’s speech.  All involved are acting like civilized human beings and I was shocked and impressed.  I hope that we can keep it going!!  It was so nice to see our politicians acting like people.

Again, congratulations Mr. Trump or rather I should say:

45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump.

Exercise Your Right To Vote Tomorrow

No matter which party, or who is your candidate, you should exercise your right to vote tomorrow.

So many people fought for us to have this right. Why would you throw it away?  It really should be viewed as a duty.  A duty to our children, grandchildren, and every generation thereafter because each and every president has a long-lasting effect on our country.  The policies and people they put into power will continue to shape our country and world for many many generations into the future, likely stretching beyond our own lifetimes.

Vote Tomorrow, November 8, 8th, 2016, Trump, Clinton, Johnson, Mcmullin, Stein

How you vote is not my concern.  Just that you do indeed vote tomorrow!  I know that I’ll be at the polls tomorrow morning to cast my own ballot because it is my duty to my country, my family, and my fellow Americans.

Cheap & Healthy Survival Food? I found it!

Cheap & Healthy Survival Food?  I found it!

Thrive Foods is the only freeze dried survival food that is almost completely healthy and can be bought cheap.

It’s so healthy because Thrive doesn’t add extra ingredients.  No fillers and no preservatives.  Most products are GMO-free and many are organic.  It doesn’t get any better than that, and no other company offering freeze dried gourmet is at the same standard as Thrive.  When you buy products from Thrive you are getting the real deal:  Cheap Healthy Survival Food.

Without further ado, here are the November specials:

Cheap Healthy Survival Food, Camping, Bug Out, Emergency, 72 hour kit

All prices for #10 cans, if you’d like the pantry can prices you can click on the links to see it.

Q-pon (for Q club members):  Sausage Crumbles:  $44.09

Cauliflower: $20.39

Celery: $24.39

Turkey Dices: $66.39

Fuji Apple Slices: $25.49

Scrambled Egg Mix: $56.79

Gourmet Hot Cocoa: $23.99

Honey Whole Wheat Dough Mix: $12.89

Vanilla Sugar Cookie Mix: $13.29


The November Feast pack is $122.59 and is comprised of a pantry can of each of the items listed above plus a spice can of Chef’s Choice seasoning.  I’ve been saying it over and over–cheap healthy survival food!  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Where else can you get such variety for that price?!

The scrambled eggs are one of my favorite products because it’s so versatile.  I use it to make scrambled eggs and omelets but also in baking.  It works just as well as a fresh egg!  I also use the celery fairly often and it saves me a lot of time and money (and waste because I always have to throw fresh celery away).  We eat soup quite a bit during the colder months and I put celery in just about every soup I make!  The sausage crumbles are fantastic and are delicious to eat right from the can.  It’s great to use in trail mixes!

I’ve already set my own Q up for the month so I can get the most out of my money.  I always try to load up on the proteins while they are on sale because they are the most expensive items.  The sausage crumbles and scrambled eggs are on the top of my list!  And my kids really want the hot cocoa, even my teenagers can’t get enough of it!

Cheap healthy survival food.  It’s great for camping, hiking, backpacking, and road trips.  Your 72 hour kit or your bug-out bag will thank you.  (And you don’t have to replace it every 6 months because Thrive’s shelf life is up to 25 years!)