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Happy Halloween!

We are readying our makeup and costumes so we can go trick or treating.  This is my favorite thing to do in the fall.  I look forward to it, even when it’s cold and rainy.  I used to dress up just to take the kids out, but as they’ve gotten older I’ve stopped.  I think a part of me misses it.  Maybe next year!  It would be fun, while Charlotte is still young enough to go out.


I haven’t concerned myself with Halloween a whole lot this year.  I’ve been thinking up new and wonderful improvements for this blog and my Etsy store, along with some new products I’d like to introduce in the near future.  It’s going to be a looooong process.  *sigh*  I wish I had just gotten it right the first time!  Alas, I find all the wrong ways before I ever find the right ones!  It’s how I roll.  What I can promise is that it’s going to be exciting and fun along the way as I make the changes a little at a time.  So I will have lots of new item giveaways (ya know, to test them out *wink wink*) and fun freebies, which I hope will be a mainstay here on the blog because I really love giving away some free content to my loyal Movers & Shakers out there.  It makes me feel like I’m giving back some love to everyone who shows me love by visiting and buying from me.  Now, look, I’ve gone all mushy….on a Halloween post, no less!