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One Week Til School Starts

It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Duh…duh…duh!

Oh, sorry.  I got a little carried away. *blush*

As we are every year, I feel woefully unprepared.  Not for them to go, I’m more than ready for them to go.  I mean that we are always doing the last minute “I forgot this” and “I forgot that” every single year.  My older two are never fully forthcoming with what they need, and at the last minute they seem to remember it all.  (And sometimes the teachers–as it is this year–they want us to BUY a textbook because the school doesn’t have them….I’m not even sure what I think about that!)

“I need a 3 inch binder with a D-ring made of gold and rubies”

I may have a problem with exaggeration because I’m so high-strung about it….

office supplies


I just wish it were as easy as it was when they were in elementary school.  Get everything on the list and you were good!  Maybe a few extras for the classroom made you super mom.

Somebody wake me up when they all graduate college!!

Recent Sign Projects

So I’ve worked on a few signs this week while juggling crazy kids.  They are so stir crazy and want to go back to school.  They’re driving this mama nuts!  Here are a few of the highlights:







The last one is my favorite.  I really like those flowers and I’m just a sucker for anything with gold too!  I’m an “Amen!” girl anyway

I think, based on these three signs that I’m much better at hand lettering than I am at stenciling.  Alas, stencils are a necessary evil.  Sometimes things need to be perfect and sometimes they need to be produced in large quantities.

The jack-o-lantern and boo set glows in the dark and that was pretty fun to make.  I painted a good portion of it under a black light so I could ensure I was getting the “glow” even.  It was pretty time consuming, but it was still fun!  That set sold in record time.  I posted them before we ate a late dinner and they were sold by midnight.  I’m pretty happy with that at this point!!

Today I am working on a design for dad’s wood shop.  It’s a really fun sign, and hopefully in the future I’ll sell this design.  However, I can’t reveal it before I make it and give the gift!  So you guys have to wait.

Almost Fall a.k.a. Pumpkin Spice Season

Don’t you just love a good anything in pumpkin spice?

I’ll admit, I do.  Mostly pie.  Ha!

Beyond pie, I’m looking forward to lots of things this fall.  I feel like owning a business that I have to be a month or two ahead of the next “thing”.  For anyone who knows me, that’s just not how I am.  I’m a “live in the moment” kinda gal.  So this is the biggest thing I struggle with, currently.  I made a calendar to tell me what to do….in advance.  Like a boss for the boss. Boss Calendar says it’s time to paint pumpkin stuff and wheat.  And boss calendar also says that Notre Dame Football is just around the corner!  *happy dance*

Almost Fall AKA pumpkin spice season!

Can’t argue with that.  So I’ll start showcasing all the pumpkin, fall, harvest, football, and thanksgiving stuff any day now (And maybe some PUMPKIN SPICE things too!).  I’ve already made one small Halloween sign.  I’ll work on more in the coming days and weeks.  I’m in this flow of hand lettering and painted flowers without any type of stencil…it’s hard to stop.  I set myself up in my craft room with a pumpkin spice latte and I’m god to go! I really do love them more than the stenciled ones.  Don’t get me wrong, the stencils are my own designs too, but there’s something thrilling about not knowing exactly what a sign will look like when you start it.  I know, I know, that’s a feeling that only an artist would love.  Ha!

I realized that I haven’t showcased any of my work here since my re-branding.  So, I’ll put up some pictures soon of my most favorite pieces and some of the ones I’ve got for sale.

I also hope to put up some new digital printable designs in the etsy shop over the next few weeks.  It’s been quite awhile since I put any new ones on there.  I make so little on them, it almost doesn’t seem worth the time.  Still, I feel like I want to offer that, even if it means I make no real money from them.  People seem to like them anyways.  What would you guys like to see in the printable section of the shop?  {Also….what’s your favorite pumpkin spice thing?  My fave right now is really a candle!}