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Fact: I am not good at scheduling myself.

It’s like a madhouse around here.  One week into school and we never know who is coming or going or where anyone is at.  It’s making me crazy–like on the verge of schizo.


I really need to go buy a planner.  Write all my things down in it so I can just cross them off as I go.  A calendar so the kids can write all their crap down too.

I think it’s a cardinal sin to admit to being unorganized on the internet, and certainly so if you’re a blogger.  Give me your best organizational ideas!  PLEASE!

School is in Session!

Ahhhhh!  I am so happy!

The house is silent and I can THINK.  I can even pee without someone knocking on the door.  It’s A-maz-ing!

School is in Session-01

Adios, young people!

Some small part of me feels like a bad mom, but the larger, more substantial part of me feels justified in being elated.  I mean, seriously, did you know that you can walk from the bathroom to your bedroom naked?  I forgot that long ago….but I remember now.  Did you know you can eat something without another person being nosy about what you’ve got?  I didn’t know that ever, I’m pretty sure, but I’m learning.  Yeah, I’ll admit, it’s selfish, but only from mid-morning til early afternoon.  After that I’m Mom again, putting everyone else before myself.  So I don’t feel bad for being selfish for a few hours per day, Monday through Friday.